Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Dog Shaming Polka Dots

I was asked by a magazine to break up this outfit for a polka dot story for spring.  It's actually something I've been meaning to do for a long time.   I wanted to show how you can create multiple looks out of two identical pieces or twinsies.  Working such a concept could even save you a dollar or two.  I worked with the JIBRI twinsy, but I've seen duos at Asos & Walmart (Alexis Taylor Collection) as well.  One thing I haven't seen is the intense peplum length on any other brand, but JIBRI.  It's awesomeness.  There are probably a thousand and one different combos you can work.  Everything I used was in my closet and really easy to add into the polka dots.  

Note the shoes worn in this photo were pre-Shug (pro-nounced like Suge Knight) bad dog moment.  Due to my leaving my shoes on the floor, she decided to chew one of them up.  If you follow me on Instagram (@garnerstyle) you might have already seen Shug's dog shaming.  

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