Friday, December 21, 2012

Cape Me Away!

I've decided to stay home today to avoid any crazy situations.  As I don't believe in any Mayan predictions, I do believe that people are crazy.  And in a state where gun rights are running around all willy nilly, I think it better to sit myself at home today (my husband and the dog aren't allowed to leave either).  I have never done crazy well.  Anyways,  yesterday I was flooded with questions about my winter cape, so I decide to a quick blog on my cape and where you can find one for yourself. I bought my cape from La'dan's Closet.  They are a company that carries plus size coats.  If you ventured over to the website you also see a lot of the items were out of stock.  This particular coat was priced at $435, as I know that may not be in budget for some I went on the look for capes to recommend to you that were a full range of styles and prices.  Check out other styles of capes by just searching for them on 

First off, when looking for any vintage-esk item, I always turn to Etsy.  They would be your best bet on finding something you want and maybe even getting a good deal.  Second,  the great thing about this item is that for the most part it is a one size fits all deal.  When looking for your cape, the seller will list the shoulder, bust, or hip width of the cape. If the coat has structured shoulders, the main thing I would concern myself with is the shoulder width.  You want to consider if your shoulders are wide, medium or narrow build, so that the coat isn't ill-fitted.  Past that, it should be a really easy fit.  Some of the capes below don't come with a belt, feel free to add in your own belt.  Just bring the belt through the armholes and around the waist for a more structured look.  

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Modcloth's Blogger of the Moment

I was so honored to be featured as Modcloth's Blogger of the Moment.  As long time fan of the site, I have always coveted and shopped many of their vintage inspired looks.  Modcloth carries sizes up to a 4X.  The best part of the feature is getting a dress of my choosing named after me.  Of course the signature dress included leopard.  Check it out below.  It's a fun dress/jacket combo.  It's called the Garner Style Dress.  #squeal.  

I also wanted to share with you an upcoming model casting with Modcloth.  This is for LA aspiring models.  Modcloth is currently casting plus size models size 16 and up.   If interested send the following to  A headshot and full length photo, your measurements, and your contact information and location.  Good Luck!

Outfit:  Dress - Garner Style Dress Modcloth $125, Necklace - H&M $25, Shoes - Shoedazzle $39, Belt - Asos (soldout)

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My Womb Harbors a Stripper

My doctor recently prescribed me some prenatal vitamins. The cost came to $94 WITH insurance!
I let the vitamins stay at the pharmacy.
I later called the doctor's office to see if they had a cheaper an affordable option. I was given a prescription for $11.99.

(Iphone pics strike again)
So now I'm wondering if my baby is predestined to be a an exotic dancer because I chose the cheaper prenatal vitamins! What do the $100 vitamins have that the $12 vitamins don't?

(Worn to a Holiday party: Super Old BeBe sweater, Zara pants, cover by Clutched and Covered, thrifted chain belt worn as bracelet, Nine West heels.)

Am I gambling with my baby's future?
Based on my decision for vitamins, my baby could be the next President of the United States, or the next Anna Wintour (Vogue editor High Priestess) or the next Josselyn from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta!?!?

The pressure of motherhood is real!

Saturday, December 15, 2012

All I want for Christmas...

The fashion gods bestowed me this dress from the Maison Martin Margiela Collection for H&M.  I must say that I am great at spotting things that I know were not meant for my over size 14 body.  With my finely tuned shopaholic eyes, I can spot a dress that will fit.  I bought this dress in the biggest size they had, which was a size 12.  I was actually on my way out of the store and then saw this in the window and was like, "wait, wait, wait, I can wear this!"  I had eyed this dress from a distance in the magazine ads.  I shimmied over to the dressing room to give it a whirl.   Sidenote:  Zippers are the bain of my existence  without help you can never get the blasted things up.  I got the dress up and over, but didnt get it zipped.  I had to drive home and ask my husband to zip it to make sure that I could wear it.  I can't remember how I conquered them as a single girl.   What's even better is when I got the register, I was ready to dish out the $200 that was displayed on the price tag.  Then, what do my ears hear, "50% off, only $99." Oh sweet baby Jesus!  I'm not sure if it's appropriate to thank God for epic fashion finds, but you know what? I'm thanking him just in case it is.  

In the case that you go looking for pieces from this collection, here are a few things to know.   Quite a few of the pieces are over-sized, so there is a good chance that you will be able to fit.  Know that the piece will probably not fit or look the way the designer intended.  I actually like this dress better on me, than I did the model.  Also, this collection did not do so hot, the items are on sale.  I bought this dress a few weeks ago, so this and the other items maybe even more deeply discounted.  Finally, the shoes from this collection are insane!  They are definitely worth the trip.  

Here are a  pieces that I think would work for plus sizes - Photo from Fashionista

Outfits:  Dress - Maison Martin Margiela Collection for H&M $99,  Fur Muff -BlackLodgeVintage via Etsy $56,  Shoes - Nordstrom Rack, Caplet - Vintage JIBRI sold-out (similar here), Necklace - QueenGrace

Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Baby Makes Me Hate Leopard Print!

I'm trying to pull it together to blog regularly.
The truth is I find everything else to do but take outfit pics.
Mainly because I'm struggling with the in between stages of pregnancy.
I'm just past the bloated "she looks like she ate a dozen donuts" for breakfast stage and now into the "I gotta get creative stage."
(Gotta find the battery charger to my camera so Iphone pics will have to do)
(2nd trimester is much kinder to me than the 1st so I've stepped out of pajamas lately
(and yes those are MATERNITY jeans from H&M...I broke down and boought two pair! HA)

So, once I figure out a good formula to work around the belly, I think consistent blogging will happen.

In the mean time, while most pregnant women have food aversions (and I have them too)...I also notice that I have some style aversions that I'm going to charge to being preggers.

Pregnancy Aversions (1st trimester)
1. NO Leopard print!  I CAN'T BELIVE I AM TYPING THIS. I haven't worn one lick of leopard print anything in about 2 months. I really think it's because I saw a lady at work who over did it with leopard print in one outfit and right at that moment, I swore leopard print off. LOL! I'm charging it to the pregnancy. I refuse to even wear my favorite leopard scarf! HA! I'm sure it's just a phase.

2. NO Bracelets! I KNOW !!  I can not be bothered with bracelets. And you guys know I love a good armful of bracelets. Something about the fussiness of it all gets on my nerves these days.

3. NO Big Earrings. It might be because of my new haircut that I prefer small studs lately.

So, while most pregnant women are puking their brains out(I'm lucky I'm not one of them),  I'm having major style side effects! Of course, I am! LOL

P.S....I'm a cliche'. I don't know what it is about pickles and pregnancy but I will rip somebody's face off if I don't eat atleast 3 dill pickles a day!

What are some things that you noticed during your "gut full of human" stages?

Monday, November 26, 2012

Changes Coming to God's Favorite Shoes

Wondering where I've been???

I'm 4 months:)

This explains why I haven't blogged much in the last few months.
My first trimester wouldn't let me be great.
Then I had to wait until Thanksgiving so that my whole family was informed.
(P.S...Hi Lindsay and Staci!!!)
I promise not to turn this into a mommy blog but I will share my struggles of trying to dress a new body. It's already a #thugstruggle.
And I will share doses of the truth because I've found that everybody has been telling me LIES about being pregnant. LIES! LOL

And to think...I was so close to getting a six pack this summer with my Insanity workouts! HA!
A real post coming soon:)

Also, the illustrating genius Shanda Ferguson surprised me with a new fall illustration for my blog highlighting my new haircut! She is such a treasure! Thank you Shanda

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

GFS Series: She's a Friend In My Head w/ The Tiny Closet

Thank goodness for social media! Thanks to following Prissy's Instagram feed, I found my next style muse!
Natalie from The Tiny Closet!
I literally clicked on her site on a Tuesday night and spent the rest of the evening reading all of her old posts!
But it was specifically her wedding dress/ hair/husband's ascot that turned me into a stan...(stalker/fan)

She blogs about how she makes her style work within her "tiny closet." She thrifts but also believes in splurging on items that will be worth the buck stylistically speaking.
Natalie's mixture of quirky meets chic meets classic style is everything!
I wish I could have been at her wedding.
I would've been nodding and ummm hmmmming the whole night!
Meet Natalie and her Tiny Closet!

1.  I love the theme of your blog which is basically to work your tiny closet! Has that concept in general changed your ideas about your own personal style?

Thank you!  Yes, it has actually.  I used to go shopping probably once a week in department stores and boutiques just because I loved shopping and buying new clothes.  Once I wasn't able to shop all the time, and realized I had to "make do" with all the items I already had, I found a new respect and hobby for styling and fashion as an art.  It has nothing to do with money!  Before, I was all about being 'in' and wearing the new thing.  Now, I'm all about wearing what I feel, regardless of what the industry is doing, and truly showing my passion and ideas of self-expression through my outfits.  I also fell in love with vintage and thrift stores.  Places I paid no attention to before!

2. Your friend wants to borrow your favorite dress…let’s say your fabulous white cocktail wedding dress! Do you let her borrow it??

HELL NO.  Hahaha, this question made me literally laugh out loud!  Even though my wedding dress can be worn to many different events, it's sacred and one of a kind so if anything happened to it, I couldn't get another one.  Plus Theo wouldn't really appreciate seeing it on someone else, LOL!  In general, I'm pretty petite and all my girlfriends are tall and busty so I actually think no one's ever thought to borrow clothes from me simply because of that.
Her groom killed it! KILLED IT! Ascot and the rest of the look from Zara, YES!)

3. Your wedding dress/photos were phenomenal. I swooned at your husband’s whole look and don’t even get me started on your dress! How would you describe your hubby’s style? Do/did you have a great influence on his overall look?

Thank you!!  I swooned at Theo's look too!  He said he wanted to wear skinny jeans at the wedding and I was like, whuuuttt? But I didn't debate it and he ended up looking amazing.    His style is very English and French with a pinch of hip hop.  Anything English though he adores.  He has a few tweed blazers, skinny slacks, lots of colorful socks, and scads of button ups.  His stores are Opening Ceremony, Shades of Grey, AllSaints and John Varvatos.  Truth is, his style is super fly and he dresses better than I do!  He used to dress me entirely and then I got the hang of it.  I am very much influenced by his innate style choices.  

4. Share a personal style or a natural hair secret that never fails you.

I have a large bag filled with scarves.  Friends and fam say scarves are a signature style of mine.  I guess scarves never fail since they keep me warm and look stylish the way I tie them.  Don't wear them much in my blog though.  For hair, it's wash n' go.  It's my only style and I like it :)

5. What piece of advice would you give someone who has a closet full of clothes but realizes that they aren’t wearing the majority of them?

Unwanted clothes in one's closet simply need to be donated or sold.  If you don't know why you're not utilizing your closet, you could start by asking yourself, "why aren't I wearing any of my clothes?"  And also, "why am I buying things I don't want to wear?"  The answers to those questions are very telling and may kill the habit of a wasted closet.  

My whole goal when first going through my closet was if I didn't swoon over it, it's gotta go.  Why shouldn't your wardrobe be filled with ONLY clothing and shoes that you love??  That way, every time you get dressed, you're always wearing something that makes you feel and look great.  Also, if you haven't worn it in a year, chances are you won't wear it next year so get rid of it.  You reallydon't need a ton of clothes to look great every day.

6. Your husband calls you and says you have ten minutes to get dressed for a surprise date. All he says is to dress nice. What do you wear?

He knows me too well to do that!  I love surprises but I would have to know at least the gist of what I was getting into - only because if I dressed in leather pants, stilettos and a black gaberdine poncho and we're going to the ballet, I would be ill-dressed for the occasion.  Same goes for if I dressed all formal and he took me to a new bar/restaurant that just opened... my Tiny Closet is very versatile so I need details!  Funny thing is, he would be same way :)

7. How would your friends describe your style?

My friends say I'm a chameleon.  But mainly, I wear oversize, drapey looks.

8. Your friend calls you and begs you to meet her at a restaurant to secretly check out her blind date. What do you put on?

Nothing that calls attention to myself.  Probably, leggings, low heels and a poncho or oversize sweater.  I don't want anyone hitting on me while I'm there and I don't want him to notice me.

9. What style trend do you wish you would go away?

Haha!  So many!  I've grown quite tired of platform peep toe heels.  I get that they look good on everybody so that's why everybody wears them but they're incredibly played out.  I also can't stand super short cutoffs with tights or stockings underneath.  Yuck! is riddled with that style and I don't know why....

10. There is a fire. (You are required to be shallow for this question.) You have time to save only ONE article of clothing…what would it be?

My wedding dress.  I would be heart broken if I decided to take anything else.

Bonus: You see a lady looking fabulous. Do you go out of your way to tell her or just stare at her from afar? Would you ask her where she got something that she is wearing?

I see beautiful, fabulous girls all the time!  It warms my heart when a girl looks like she put effort into her ensemble so I usually give her a quick passing comment that her outfit/shoes/hair rocks.  I never ask where they got their clothes, it's not ladylike.  But I make sure they know that someone has noticed by telling them they look fab.  Compliments from strangers feel great to receive!

Are you in love with her yet?!?! 

P.S....I should get back to blogging regularly pretty soon...hopefully..:)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

IRock Pencil Skirts

Guess what! I'm a guest blogger over at Kinky Curly Coily Me!
Check out what I have to say about pencil skirts.
If you're a GFS reader, you know how I love me some pencil skirts!

Outfit details here

These pics were taken a month or so ago...

(Let's ignore the fact that I haven't posted anything in some "weeks" now. I should be back in blog world soon.
I might take a few more "weeks" off but will come back with good stuff:)

P.S. Thanks for all of those who have emailed me to check to see if I am still breathing... I AM!

Friday, September 28, 2012

GFS on the Radio!

Saturday morning (tomorrow), I will be a guest on Blog Talk Radio!
I will be talking about style/thrifting and natural hair!
Check me out on chocolateisnatural & loving it! internet radio show.  
Trichologist Dr. Kari, and Daphne Willis of HerbalNature Way will also be guests. There will also be a giveaway of a Hair Therapy Wrap to 1 lucky caller.

 Check it out if you can!
If you miss it, no worries...I will have a link so you can listen later:)
Check me out around 9:30am!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Military Jungle

Leopard print.
Camo print.
Snakeskin print.
Just an average day around these parts.

Thanks to Prissy for randomly gifting these pants months ago.
I'm just getting around to wearing them...well because I can fit them! 
Definitely one of my fitness victories accomplished!
Don't know how long it will last but I'm gonna rock them until I can't anymore:)

 Vintage Liz Claiborne leopard blouse (thrifted)
Old Navy Camo Cargoes (gifted by Prissy!)
Nine West Heels
Earrings (Aldo Accessories)
Knock off Prada sunnies (Vendor in New York)

Thanks Rocquelle for the photos, giggles, and constant encouragement!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Lessons of a 37 Year Old

I'm thinking the peplum on this skirt gave me a little extra junk in the trunk.
The same junk that I worked so hard to get off this summer.
But it was my birthday.
It was raining.
And I didn't care.
Even the hair is starting to have a mind of its own, but I kinda am embracing that.
That''s what happens at age 37, you just go with it...whatever it is.

I hear age 38 is the year of "not sweating the small stuff."
I'm already ahead of the game:)

 Thanks for all of the birthday wishes!
Thank you for each and every phone call, email, comment and text. 
I smiled every time:)

H&M Shirt (From men's department)
Zara Skirt
Jessica Simpson shoes