Monday, November 26, 2012

Changes Coming to God's Favorite Shoes

Wondering where I've been???

I'm 4 months:)

This explains why I haven't blogged much in the last few months.
My first trimester wouldn't let me be great.
Then I had to wait until Thanksgiving so that my whole family was informed.
(P.S...Hi Lindsay and Staci!!!)
I promise not to turn this into a mommy blog but I will share my struggles of trying to dress a new body. It's already a #thugstruggle.
And I will share doses of the truth because I've found that everybody has been telling me LIES about being pregnant. LIES! LOL

And to think...I was so close to getting a six pack this summer with my Insanity workouts! HA!
A real post coming soon:)

Also, the illustrating genius Shanda Ferguson surprised me with a new fall illustration for my blog highlighting my new haircut! She is such a treasure! Thank you Shanda

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