Thursday, December 13, 2012

This Baby Makes Me Hate Leopard Print!

I'm trying to pull it together to blog regularly.
The truth is I find everything else to do but take outfit pics.
Mainly because I'm struggling with the in between stages of pregnancy.
I'm just past the bloated "she looks like she ate a dozen donuts" for breakfast stage and now into the "I gotta get creative stage."
(Gotta find the battery charger to my camera so Iphone pics will have to do)
(2nd trimester is much kinder to me than the 1st so I've stepped out of pajamas lately
(and yes those are MATERNITY jeans from H&M...I broke down and boought two pair! HA)

So, once I figure out a good formula to work around the belly, I think consistent blogging will happen.

In the mean time, while most pregnant women have food aversions (and I have them too)...I also notice that I have some style aversions that I'm going to charge to being preggers.

Pregnancy Aversions (1st trimester)
1. NO Leopard print!  I CAN'T BELIVE I AM TYPING THIS. I haven't worn one lick of leopard print anything in about 2 months. I really think it's because I saw a lady at work who over did it with leopard print in one outfit and right at that moment, I swore leopard print off. LOL! I'm charging it to the pregnancy. I refuse to even wear my favorite leopard scarf! HA! I'm sure it's just a phase.

2. NO Bracelets! I KNOW !!  I can not be bothered with bracelets. And you guys know I love a good armful of bracelets. Something about the fussiness of it all gets on my nerves these days.

3. NO Big Earrings. It might be because of my new haircut that I prefer small studs lately.

So, while most pregnant women are puking their brains out(I'm lucky I'm not one of them),  I'm having major style side effects! Of course, I am! LOL

P.S....I'm a cliche'. I don't know what it is about pickles and pregnancy but I will rip somebody's face off if I don't eat atleast 3 dill pickles a day!

What are some things that you noticed during your "gut full of human" stages?

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