Thursday, January 17, 2013


I had a high school basketball coach yell K.I.S.S. at us all the time.  The concept of Keep it simple, Stupid!" I'm not really sure if that was proper encouragement for developing teenage girls, but it worked.  It's something I can repeatedly hear sounding off in my head when I'm about to make something complicated that doesn't have to be.  I was putting something together for some errand running and I just got all over complicated with the look.  You can check the previous look on Instagram (garnerstyle).  I felt like an overstuffed cupcake.  It was bulky and just didn't come off  polished.  My initial thought was to work this skirt as it is shown.  This leads me to another conclusion, my first instinct is usually my best life and when getting dressed.   

As a blogger, I know what it is to get caught up and go one step too far.  Yes, I go too far on occasion.   You have to reel yourself back in.   I've also gotten a few questions on how to develop personal style.  A lot of you girls have that on your New Year's resolution lists. which is awesome. I'm always an advocate for looking your best.  The K.I.S.S. concept is a great way to start to develop that.  Simple looks are always fabulous!  Start off simple and then add pieces or accessories that are more reflective of your personality.  

Top:  LandsEnd $19, Skirt - eShakti $72, Belt - Ann Taylor (old), Shoes - Nordstrom (similar), Necklace - Asos $26 - Skirt was sponsored by eShakti

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